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*Currently unable to take new clients for 2024*

All Prices Listed Include:

A Massaging Bath with High Quality Shampoos/Conditioners,

A Blueberry Facial Scrub,

Ear Cleaning/Plucking (if needed),

Dental Breath Spray,

Blow Dry,

Brush Out,

Nail Trim/Buff,

External Anal Gland Expression (if needed),

Hair Cut/Trimming Appropriate to the Breed.


Cute Seasonal Bandana.

I have many different types of shampoos and conditioners to suit your dogs individual needs including:

Oatmeal Shampoo/Conditioner,

GloCoat Conditioner,

Whitening/Brightening Shampoos, Conditioning Shampoos,

Odor Neutralizing Shampoos,

Baby Powder Shampoo,

De-Shedding Shampoo/Conditioner (for de-shed treatments only)+$

Medicated Shampoos including: Baking Soda,

Aloe Vera/Tea Tree Oil,

Chlorhexidine (for conditions associated w/ bacterial infections), MicoHexidine (for bacterial/fungal infections)+$

Deep Cleansing/Degreasing Shampoos, 

All Natural Flea/Tick Shampoo +$

If your dog requires any additional services not included (such as a complete shave down*, heavy de-matting, a shed-less bath or a medicated/specialty/flea shampoo, nail polish or soothing paw balm) additional cost will apply and will be discussed prior to groom. Please scroll down for additional services prices.

*“Shave downs/Puppy Cuts” typically apply to Goldens, Newfies, St. Bernard’s, Great Pyrenees and other large hairy breeds that don’t normally require short/full body haircuts on a regular basis but can be needed due to skin conditions, heavy matting, etc. and the price variance is listed per breed below.* 

Don’t see your breed listed or have questions about your dog’s grooming?

Please contact me to discuss your dog’s needs and I would be happy to give you a quote!

All Services are by Appointment Only!

Sorry for any Inconvenience.

American Eskimo $65

Airedale Terrier $75-$85

Akita $75-$85

American Bull Dog $35

American Pit Bull Terrier $35

Australian Cattle Dog $45

Australian Labradoodle $75-$150

Australian Shepard $65-$75+

Basset Hound $45-$55

Beagle $35-$45

Bernese Mt.Dog $100-$150+ (Shavedowns/Puppy Cuts- $175+)

Bernedoodle $100-$150+

Bichon Frise` $55-$65

Black Russian Terrier $125-$150

Border Collie $45-$65

Boston Terrier $30

Bouvier Des Flandres $125-$150+

Boxer $35

Briard $125-$150+

Brittany Spaniel $55-$65

Brussels Griffon $50-$60

Cairn Terrier $55-$65

Catahoula Leopard $45

Cavalier King Charles Spaniel $55-$75

Chihuahua (short hair) $30

Chihuahua (long hair) $40-$45

Chinese Crested Powder Puff $40-$60

Chow Chow $85-$95

Cocker Spaniel $65-$85

Cockapoo $65-$85

Collie (long hair) $75-$100

Collie (short coat) $65

Corgi (short hair) $50 (long hair) $65

Dachshund (short hair) $30-$40 

Dachshund (long hair) $50-$60

Dalmations $40


Doodles (Golden & Labra): 

Sm.$80+- Med. $90+ Lrg.-$100+

English Bull Dog $50

English Setter $65-$75

English Springer Spaniel $75-$85

Fox Terrier (smooth coat) $35

Fox Terrier (wire hair) $50-$65

Fox Terrier (toy) $35-$45

French Bull Dog $40

German Shepard $65-$85+

Golden Retriever sm.$65 med.$75 Lrg.$85+ (Shavedowns/Puppy Cuts: $95+)

Great Dane $60

Great Pyrenees $100-$150+ (Shavedowns/Puppy Cuts-$175+)

Havanese $55-$65

Husky $65-$95

Irish Setters $65-$75

Jack Russel Terrier (short hair) $35

Jack Russel Terrier (long hair) $55

Kerry Blue Terrier $65-$85

Labrador Retriever sm.$50 med.$60  Lrg.$70+ (Shavedown $80+)

Lhasa Apso $55-$65

Maltese $50-$65

Mastiff $60+

Min Pin $30

Mini Poodle $50-$75

Multipoo $50-$75

Newfoundland $100-$150 

(Shavedowns/Puppy Cuts-$175+)

Old English Sheep Dog $100-$150 (Shavedowns/Puppy Cuts-$175+)

Papillion $45-$65

Pekinese $50-$75

Pointers $40-$50

Pomeranian $55-$75

Portuguese Water Dog $75-$95

Pug $40

Puggle $45

Rat Terrier (short haired) $30

Rhodesian Ridgeback $50-$60

Rottweiler $50-$65

St. Bernard $100-$150+ (Shavedowns/Puppy Cuts-$175+)

Schnauzer (Mini) $65

Schnauzer (Standard) $75-$85+

Scottish Terrier $55-$65

Sheltie $65-$85

Shih Tzu $50-$65

Standard Poodle $85-$150+

Weimaraner $50

West Highland Terrier (Westie) $55-$65

Wheaten Terrier $65-$85

Yorkshire Terrier (Yorkie) $45-$60

Yorkiepoo $55-$65

*Please note grooming prices are based on well behaved dogs that are groomed on a regular basis and are subject to vary *

Add on Services:

Nail Polish: (Red, White, Blue, Purple or Pink) $6

Soothing Paw Balm Application $5

Shedless Bath: Regular Grooming Price + $30

Heavy Dematting Fee: Regular Grooming Price + $25

Medicated Specialty/Flea Shampoos: Regular Grooming Price + $12

Quick Services:

(By Appointment Only)

Nail Trims $10

Ear Cleaning $8

Nail Trim Ear Cleaning Package $15

Anal Gland Expression (External Only) $10

Prices/Services: Services
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